Sunday, 7 May 2017

General Election - 08 June 2017

The general election is looming and with it thoughts of career politicians of all colours revamping their promises, pledges and lies for the next opportunity to sup and quaff at the tax-payers' expense for five years.

A recent letter to the Daily Telegraph suggested that the House of Lords should be abolished in its present form and its members be pensioned off and replaced by ordinary citizens selected at random. I had to laugh when I read that! My first novel 'Your Country Needs You' suggested that should happen to the House of Commons, not the Upper House. Readers' reviews said that the book was ten years ahead of its time – like Martin Peters, the footballer perhaps?

In any event I think it is an avenue really worth considering and on reflection maybe the House of Lords IS the place to do it. We could then have an elected House of Commons and a selected House of Lords. Your Country Needs You is pure satire at its best. MPs selected included a Big Issue vendor, a greengrocer, an Asian illegal immigrant, a senior banker and an eighteen year old shop assistant from WH Smiths in Chelmsford – the Essex Girl of British politics who stole everybody's hearts.

In reality, could it work with the House of Lords? Could we really rid our country of these for the most part outdated, costly part-timers who would be more at home in a human museum.

Let me know what you think as the race to feed at the Commons trough hots up over the next few weeks.


8th May 2017