Friday, 14 July 2017

My Hong Kong book and The Queen

The last numbered book in this Limited Edition,  No. 1997, was reserved for the last Governor of Hong Kong, Lord Patten. Some readers asked what happened to No.1
I can now reveal that No. 1 was presented to the Queen. Hong Kong was after all the last of her real Colonies and one could argue that the night of June 30th 1997 marked the end of Empire.
I have received a delightful letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace informing me how touched Her Majesty was to receive it.

Readers ordering this limited edition hardback will thus receive a number between 2 and 1996. I am sorry it is not possible to order a specific No. When the limited edition has sold out readers will be offered a paperback version at a lower price.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hong Kong hardback now available

Here is the link to the newly released hardback.

Readers might like to know that the last book No.1997 was reserved for the last Governor, Lord Christopher Patten and it was dispatched to the House of Lords this week. I hope he enjoys it!