Your Country Needs You, corruption and conceit have been the hallmarks of successive elected Governments and the Queen has had enough!
Convinced that ordinary citizens selected at random by a new computer nicknamed RADO - Random Automatic Democratic Order - can run the world's fourth biggest economy just as effectively, she abolishes Parliament as we know it!
Can a hundred and two (one per county) men and women 'good and true' possibly do any worse than the overpaid and over-rated career politicians they replace? Thus the story traces the action of a 'national draw' and subsequent life of the new Parliament. Has the Queen made a huge mistake? Could it work in reality and how would you react if your country needed YOU?

A Very Special Relationship random selection of MPs by a new computer nick-named ‘RADO’ has thrilled the nation. It is going to be repeated for a second Parliament.
Against a backdrop of economic recession and dodgy bankers the Queen invites the President of the United States for a State Visit. With his second term in office coming to an end he is easily persuaded to use RADO back home and dissolve the Senate.
In the UK the nation’s mind concentrates on fund-raising for the forthcoming London Olympics. In a ‘credit crunch’ can the country afford to emulate the success of Beijing? Are there more deserving cases than a three week jamboree for a few hundred athletes?

Her Place in the Sun watched as the UK ditched its career politicians amid a sea of sleaze and corruption.
They were replaced by ordinary citizens selected at random by a new computer nick-named RADO.
Within a few years Uncle Sam followed suit. With a rising tide of indiscretions and scandals rocking Canberra, public opinion from Perth to Parramatta demanded similar change. the new system was working well in the UK and the US. Why shouldn't it work in the 'Lucky Country' too?
The Governor General, Sir John McLeod, flew discreetly to London for a secret audience with her Majesty. Australia would never be the same again.


  1. How apt my timing, to indulge in the pages of "Your Country Needs You"; when the UK finds itself lurching through such tenuous times both socially and politically! Mark wrote this very funny novel ten years ahead of it's time, but how his imagination has not been so far removed from what would seem a not-so-ludicrous option today! I recommend anyone to read this who has not only an interest in Britain's political stance, but who rather enjoys a laugh at ourselves; the Brits (and we are so good at that!)

  2. How apt my timing to pick up Mark's book; when the UK lurches through such tenuous social and political minefields, "Your Country Needs You" had me laughing all the way through. Letting the "people on the streets" step in? Not quite as far fetched as his imagination translated onto paper ten years ago would have seemed then! For us Brits who can always laugh at ourselves, this book really is a great read!


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